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Motorway driving lessons

Motorway driving lessons

From June 4th 2018 you are allowed to drive on the motorway before passing the driving test. This is only legal if you are with an ADI (approved driving Instructor) and in a dual controlled car.

Driving on a motorway is not part of the driving test because only a fully qualified driving instructor can take pupils on the motorway. Driving test examiners, parents and trainee driving instructors must not take pupils on the motorway or they are breaking the law.

Motorways are actually quite easy to drive on so long as you understand some basic rules and have experience of driving at high speed. If you haven’t done much faster driving then it’s a good idea to arrange a lesson where we look at that first and then motorways won’t seem as daunting.

Although the law has changed I will not be taking anyone on the motorway until after they have passed their driving test.

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