Motorway driving lessons

Motorway driving lessons

Motorway driving lessons around Birmingham are available with

From June 4th 2018 you are allowed to drive on the motorway before passing the driving test. This is only legal if you are with an ADI (approved driving Instructor) and in a dual controlled car.

Driving on a motorway is not part of the driving. Only a fully qualified driving instructor can take pupils on the motorway. Driving test examiners, parents and trainee driving instructors must not take pupils on the motorway or they are breaking the law.

Motorways are actually quite easy to drive on so long as you understand some basic rules and have experience of driving at high speed.

How to drive on a motorway

The best news about learning to drive on a motorway is that it’s easy!

Don’t worry if you have a fear of them, we’ll come to that in a moment.

In all the years that I’ve been teaching, everyone that has ever done a motorway lesson has said that it’s been the most fun they’ve had on all of their driving lessons.

Although you may be worried about the high speed involved, motorways are statistically the safest roads to drive on. They have less crashes than city roads or rural roads and there are no roundabouts or pedestrians to think about until you exit them.

Overcoming the fear of motorway driving

If you do have a fear or phobia of driving on the motorway then I am the best driving instructor in the UK to help you.

Why? Because I’m not just a driving instructor but a qualified hypnotherapist.

That’s right, I am a hypnotist and so I understand how the mind works and where fear comes from.

Driving instructors often do their best to put people at ease by telling them it’ll be ok. That’s not going to work!

I don’t use hypnosis on driving lessons but I understand where the fear comes from and, more importantly, how to get rid of it using techniques that involve no hypnosis.

This isn’t something everyone will need but if you do then the option is there.

Take a look at my page on driving lesson hypnosis for a free hypnosis video and then visit my website on hypnotherapy for anxiety for more info.

Motorway driving lesson videos

Here are several videos showing me driving on motorways myself and teaching them to a new driver. Select the video you want by clicking the menu icon at the top right of the video box.

You can watch more driving lesson videos on my YouTube channel or by visiting my driving lessons video page.