Driving lesson video - see a new driving lesson video every day!

Learn to drive without being taken for a ride

Driving lesson videos – a new video every day!

A new driving lesson video every day

I’ll be releasing a new driving lesson video every day at 5pm from now on. I’m trying this for the coming week to see how it goes. If it’s popular then soon I will start releasing them every day regularly.

When I started my YouTube channel I never intended it to gain a following. I started it so that I could showcase the work I do by embedding videos on my website. The thought of people wanting to see regular videos from me and about me never even occurred to me but that’s what people have been asking me for.

I was concerned that making daily driving lesson videos would result in me churning out low quality videos day after day for the sake of it and didn’t want to dilute my channel by having one good video in every fifty.


Driving lesson video filmed with Claudia in Birmingham

A preview image from my first daily driving lesson video launching tomorrow


I have always focused on quality over quantity. Yesterday I watched a video that changed the way I think about that. Now I understand that quantity can also be quality. As mentioned earlier, I am doing this as a trial for a week in June and seeing how it goes. It will involve a lot of work but you only get out of life what you put into it.

Let me know on YouTube if you have any ideas for videos that you’d like to see. Let me know how you think I can improve my videos as well.

You can click here to visit my YouTube driving lesson videos and subscribe so you don’t miss any of the videos. If you’re interested in watching over 50 hours of video that isn’t on my YouTube channel then check out my video zone.


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