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New driving test 2024

New driving test 2024

A new driving test is coming around 2024.

Some of the changes below were announced by the government in March 2013 but a fresh look at a new driving test was announced in July 2019.

Let’s take a look at what the changes could be. None of the information on this page is definite, it is just what might happen.

In 2014 I announced a new driving test that would involve using a sat nav and not doing a turn in the road. People laughed and said I was making it up.

Those changes came to the driving test on 4th December 2017.

Minimum learning time

You may have to take at least 120 hours of driving lessons over at least one year.

A driving instructor would need to sign off these hours and any private practise with parents wouldn’t count. You’d have to present the log book showing your hours before taking a driving test.

You’d have to take at least 20 hours during the dark with the remainder taken during the daytime.

This would mean an end to intensive driving courses which are said to account for a high proportion of new drivers crashing soon after passing.

The average number of hours it takes someone to learn with me is around 34 hours.

Official figures show the average number of hours taken for someone passing first time is 65.

Graduated learning

Instead of just taking a driving test and then having a full licence you’d have to gradually gain a full licence.

This would involve taking various tests such as:

  • The standard test as it is now
  • A test involving several parking manoeuvres and an emergency stop
  • A night time test
  • A motorway test (you would travel to a centre that does this if you don’t live by one)

Most crashes involving young drivers happen at night, most between the hours of 11pm and 7am with the highest percentage happening around 3am.

Don’t ask me why they’re driving at 3am.

The problem with this is that many instructors don’t work evenings and the examiners certainly don’t!

You could well find you learn with several instructors over the course of the one year minimum time. One instructor for evenings, one for days, one for manoeuvres etc.

Compulsory black box fitted for the first 3 years after passing

Currently you can get up to 6 points on your licence within the first two years of passing your driving test.

This could be extended to the first three years.

You may also have to have a black box fitted to your vehicle during that time. A black box is a device that monitors your speed and driving style so you and your insurers can see how well you’re driving.

This could mean lower insurance premiums unless you drive badly and end up increasing the cost.

Ban on passengers aged under 30 for the first year

Many crashes involving new drivers happen when they are carrying young passengers. It’s thought they are trying to show off by driving fast and proving how stupid they are.

It may be that you can’t carry passengers under the age of 30 for the first year after passing.

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