New driving test starts December 4th 2017 -

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New driving test starts December 4th 2017

The new driving test will be starting on December 4th 2017. I’ve been involved in helping to form the new test for over two years as you can see from my videos on my new driving test page which were recorded back in 2015.

The three main changes are:

  1. New manoeuvres. The turn in the road (three point turn) and reversing around a corner are being removed from the driving test. They will be replaced by two new manoeuvres which are reversing along the right hand side of the road and reversing out of a parking bay in a public car park such as a supermarket, hotel etc.
  2. Using a sat nav. The independent part of the driving test will now last for 20 minutes and you’ll follow a sat nav instead of the examiner giving you directions. One in five tests won’t use a sat nav and you’ll just follow road signs instead.
  3. Show me tell me is done on the move. You’ll now be asked these questions as you’re driving so that you can demonstrate them on the move. This makes the test more realistic, you’ll be asked to wash the windscreen while driving or turn on the lights as you’re driving. You won’t be asked to open the bonnet on the move!

I’ll be making many videos showing you me giving pupils of mine mock driving tests using the new format. Watch out for those videos coming from the summer of 2017 onward.

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  • Hello Paul, I have been watching your videos avidly for the last year.

    I have come rather later to driving (58). I have always felt too fearful to attempt it before. However, I made a decision last year to learn to drive. It has been the most difficult thing I have ever taken on in my life. I took my test a couple of months ago and got 5 minors and 1 major(ouch) Undue care at a roundabout. I am taking it again in 2 weeks and wondered what your golden rule would be so I pass this time. I know it sounds a bit daft, but if a dog runs out in front of me should i emergency break whatever or only if I have observed that there is nothing behind me. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.
    I would of liked to have lessons with you but being as I am down south (Hastings) you’re a bit too far away. Kind regards, Tina

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