My new website is complete!

I’ve rebuilt my whole site from scratch with a new design, totally re-written modern coding and new content.

Everything is much clearer now. The new menu system allows for much easier navigation instead of all the links being crammed into one long list as they were before.

It’s now much easier for me to add content due to the way my site works. In the past I had to manually add new links to every single page and it took a long time. If I wanted to do something as simple as adding a link to a blog I’d have to load page one, edit it, save it. Load page two, edit it, save it…

Now I can just edit one box and the whole site updates automatically. Thanks to this you’ll be seen new content much more regularly. Talking of new content, I hope you like my new blog.

I’ve had blogs in the past but never really liked the way they worked. They were always on external sites like Tumblr and it was¬†awkward for users having to navigate away from my site to read things. Now my blog is integrated into my website so I can write content far more regularly.

I enjoy making videos and vlogging but it does take a lot longer to film a video, edit up and upload it than it does to just write a post on here.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the new site ūüôā

About 1stDrive

I'm Paul and I've been giving driving lessons in Birmingham for 20 years now. I've taught over 1,000 people to drive and thousands more through my YouTube videos. Learn more about me on my about page.
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