Overcome fear of driving over bridges

Overcome the fear of driving over bridges online with a driving anxiety expert.

My name’s Paul and I help drivers all over the world overcome driving anxiety and get back on the road. With 20 years of experience as a driving instructor and also being a professional therapist, I’m the leading expert on driving anxiety of all types and there is nobody better to help you.

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Overcome fear of driving over bridges

Having a fear of driving over bridges (gephyrophobia) can seem strange.

You may feel embarrassed about it and don’t want to tell anyone. I’ve heard it all before so don’t worry about it. The fear of driving over bridges is actually a very common problem and one that I help people with all the time so it’s nothing to be concerned about.

The video below will tell you more.

Where does this fear of bridges come from?

The fear of driving over bridges often has nothing to do with driving.

We’re all born with two fears: heights and loud noises. We’re made like that to keep us safe so that if something happens like a lion sneaking up while we’re sleeping, we can wake up. Not that it happens much these days, and not that it would really help because what would you do against a lion? But yes, it’s an ancient thing that we have left over from many centuries ago when we lived in the wild.

Just because a fear of heights is natural doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it. It may not even be that, it can be caused by anything from your past.

I won’t go too much into this because most people don’t care about where it comes from, they just want it gone.

Let’s have a look at how we do that.

How to get rid of the fear of driving over bridges

The way we get rid of your fear of bridges is very simple:

  1. Book your free consultation where I’ll make sure I can help you and answer any questions
  2. Book your session(s)
  3. Drive over a bridge

I offer a unique service where I’ll work with you to get the result you want. It’s not pay-per-hour or per session. I charge a one-off fee and then we work on it until it’s gone.

All you need is a device that can run Zoom and an internet connection then we’re good to go!

How much does it cost?

Everyone always wants to know how much this service costs but I can’t give you a price until I know more about your problem. That’s like calling a car garage and asking how much it costs to fix your car. What is wrong with it? How bad is the problem? They can’t just give a fixed price and it’s the same for my therapy.

When considering the price you need to think about all the benefits you will gain from getting rid of this problem. Common things people say to me include:

  • Getting a better paying job
  • Being able to drive your kids around
  • Overall confidence will boost
  • You’ll have more independence
  • No more avoiding that route and having to take a huge detour
  • Not having to take buses and trains
  • Not having to ask for lifts from people
  • Saving money on taxis
  • No making excuses in front of family/friends to avoid driving over a bridge
  • You can use your car instead of it sitting doing nothing
  • New drivers haven’t wasted their money on driving lessons

How many more can you think of?

When you consider the cost of my help, consider the value of all of the above. You could be earning more money, taking your kids out and transform your whole life when you fix this.

It’s an insult to your problem and my skill if you think all that is only worth £50!

What do I do now?

Book your free consultation if you want to get rid of your problem.

See my YouTube channel for lots more free videos about driving anxiety and be sure to check out my main driving anxiety page for lots more help and driving anxiety videos.

More about how to overcome fear of driving over bridges

You really are keen to read more about bridges aren’t you?

Let me give you something to think about which won’t fix your problem but it’ll start you thinking about it.

Do you know what the only difference is between fear and excitement?

The story you tell yourself.

If two people went on a roller coaster they’d both be experiencing the same thing. They’re both on the same ride and both in the same situation so why is one screaming with fear and the other screaming with joy? It’s simply because they’re imagining different things in their minds.

If you tell yourself that you’re scared and that everything is going to go wrong then you make your mind act as though it’s actually happening. That’s why you get scared driving over bridges.

To overcome fear of driving over bridges you just need to retune your mind to change the way it thinks about the situation. We make the experience a happy one that makes you smile, just like that music does.

Bridging the gap of memories

We all know a piece of music that takes us back to a certain time and brings back those memories. It might be a song that played at a wedding, when someone died or when you had a great day.

The reason that music takes you back to that time is that your mind can’t tell the difference between the past, present and future. When you hear that music your mind thinks what happened all those years ago is happening now.

The same sort of thing is happening when you drive over a bridge. Your mind is associating that with fear and imagining all the bad things that could happen.

Stopping your fear of driving over bridges really can be as simple as changing the way your mind sees things.

I made the free hypnosis video below to give you a taste of how you can start changing the way you feel about driving over bridges. This is nothing like a session with me would be. It isn’t meant to fully fix it because that requires interaction between us but it can make you feel better.

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