Private driving instructors Birmingham

Private driving instructors in Birmingham are in high demand because we’re the best.

If you’re looking for the best driving lessons then you should always choose a driving instructor and not a driving school. Can you see the difference?

Let me explain why private driving instructors are the best from my 20 years of experience in the industry.

Private driving instructors Birmingham

When you want driving lessons you have 3 ways to find an instructor:

  1. Contact a driving school and hope they send you a good instructor
  2. Book through an agency and hope they send you a good instructor
  3. Hand-pick the best instructor by going to them directly

Which of those three options looks the best to you?

Why you won’t find the best driving instructors working at a driving school

I often see driving schools boasting about having the best instructors.

Have you noticed how every single school claims to have the best instructors?

The truth is that driving schools take on ANY instructor who pays them because they make money from instructors paying them a weekly fee. You can read more about this on my page about driving school secrets.

Why would the best driving instructor choose to work at a driving school? They wouldn’t because they don’t need to.

I’ve been working alone for over 15 years because I’m too good to work for a driving school. I don’t even advertise: all of my work comes from people recommending me or seeing my driving lesson videos on YouTube and liking the way I teach.

Learn to drive with the best driving instructor in Birmingham

What makes me the best driving instructor in Birmingham?

Here are just a few things I have done in my 20 years as a driving instructor:

  • Taught over 1,000 people to drive in Birmingham
  • Taught thousands of people around the world with my driving lesson videos that have had over 10 million views
  • Trained dozens of driving instructors who have travelled from around the UK to learn with me
  • Sat in on over 400 real driving tests to learn how they work
  • Been in several non-fault car crashes
  • Had my car stolen
  • Been attacked in a road rage incident
  • Driven through a tornado, floods and snow

The thing that sets me apart from other instructors the most is that I’m also a qualified hypnotist. I work with people around the world helping them overcome their driving fears and phobias. Just by talking to them online, I can help them overcome the problems that have plagued them for years. I don’t even need a car to help people learn, can other instructors at schools do that?

No driving instructor understands the mind as I do because it’s not something instructors are trained in . I know why people have trouble driving and it’s nothing like instructors think because they’re not trained like I am.

Compare all of the above to those instructors at driving schools who claim to be “the best” just because they passed their exams last year.

If you want the best in the business then contact me now to book your driving lessons