Your standards check lesson plan is an essential element of your test. If you teach the wrong thing then the whole lesson can fall apart and result in a failed standards check. It’s easier than you might think to choose the subject that you’ll be teaching – the DVSA will tell you!

The DVSA have produced a help guide for driving instructors called ADI1. You can download ADI1 by clicking here. In section 4.25 of this document you’ll see how examiners put pupils into one of four categories. All you need to do is identify which category of pupil you are taking then the DVSA give you a step by step guide to what they expect to see you teaching that pupil. It’s easy!

My video below explains this in more detail and if you want more help then you can see hours more standards check videos on my website.


Don’t teach YOUR favourite topic!

This is one of the biggest things instructors do wrong on a standards check.

You get your letter, book your test and then think “I love roundabouts and I’ve got a great route that pupils always love and works really well. Who have I go that I can do that with?”. You find a pupil and build them up so they’re at the stage where they’re ready to do roundabouts by the time your test comes around. You go and do your best lesson on your best route…and fail.

The reason you failed is that it’s easy to tell when a driving instructor is teaching THEIR favourite topic – not what the pupil needs to learn!

There is no need to over plan your lesson. You shouldn’t know what you’re going to do until the lesson with that pupil before your standards check. You set the aim of the next lesson based on that one, not based on something you’ve been planning for months.

Examiners want to see instructors who listen to what the pupil wants to improve on, forms a plan to achieve that and executes the plan safely. What they DON’T want to see is an instructor just driving a pre-planned route without any of it suiting the pupils ability or needs.

If you watch my standards check diary series you’ll see that I over planned my last standards check and the whole plan went out the window within 5 minutes!


Remember the purpose of a driving lesson

The most important part of any driving lesson is that the pupil learns something. They should be able to do something at the end of the lesson that they couldn’t do at the start. If not they should at least have a better understanding of the topic or skill that you are teaching.

You can check whether your lesson plan is effective by questioning the pupil throughout the driving lesson. Ask them how they feel about what they are learning and if there’s anything you can be doing to help them.

A common mistake made by many instructors is to wait until the end of the lesson and THEN ask the pupil how it’s going. It’s too late to ask when the lesson is over and you have no chance to do anything about it. A good lesson plan will constantly evolve and adapt to meet the pupils needs.


Don’t do manoeuvres on a standard check!

One of the worst things you can ever do on a standards check or a part 3 is to teach a manoeuvre. The video below explains why.


Those are just some of the basics of planning lessons. If you want to learn much more then see my other standards check videos.


Standards check lesson plan put into action

Here I am planning a lesson on crossroads with Lucy

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