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Yesterday I went and met Nigel, a driving instructor in Dudley who wanted some help with his upcoming standards check.

I drove there in the late afternoon after a day of teaching and we had a really good session. You’ll be seeing the video coming soon but it made me realise how valuable standards check training really is.

It’s great to teach learners and help get them their licence but there’s something extra to helping someone keep their job. You’re only allowed three attempts at the standards check and Nigel is coming up to his third and final go.

I’m hoping I get to do a lot more standards check training. I have my bag at the ready full of all the things needed to do a standards check such as cameras, forms and pens.

If you’re in the UK and want some standards check help then contact me wherever you are to see if we can work something out. I travel around on trains or can drive to you depending on where you are.

Look out for more standards check videos coming in the next few weeks.

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