Standards check training

Standards check training

Standards check training is available in three ways:

  • Real life training
  • Online standards check training videos
  • Virtual training

I am a 100% independent driving instructor with 20 years of experience and have seen it all. I’m also a professional hypnotherapist so I can teach you new ways of thinking and how to overcome any mental blocks you have that are holding you back from being successful.

Real life training

Taking training can be a big step for an instructor but I’m there to help.

Getting used to someone watching you is the perfect way to prepare for a standards check. If you prefer online training then see my online standards check section below this.

You MUST supply a pupil for training sessions. The whole point of the standards check is that the lesson is based around the pupil’s needs. With no pupil, there can be no lesson and no training. Role-play is not possible for the same reason it is no longer allowed on your real standards check; it just wouldn’t work. Roleplay is only done for ADI part 3 training because you need to learn how to teach but for a standards check you should already be able to do that.

Many driving instructors email me saying they want training but they don’t want someone watching them in a real lesson. Guess what? That’s what’s going to happen on your standards check!

It’s no good saying you don’t want someone watching you and if that’s a problem for you then you need to get over it. With my YouTube channel I have millions of people watching me all the time!

How my training works

There are two main ways that real life training sessions are done:

1) A mock standards test. There’s no better way of finding out the grade you would get on a standards check than to take a standards check. Everything will be just like a real standards check and this is a brilliant way of preparing for your real test. We can meet at the test centre or your pupils starting location and we’ll do the whole thing just as it will be done on the day.

2) A training lesson. Your lesson is split into sections and after each section we review how it went for yourself and your pupil. We then work on ways of making it easier for you both by using new techniques or enhancing the ones you’re already using.

Book your training with me here.

Online standards check training videos

My ADI standards check videos will get you up to speed with hours of video showing how to reach the standard required to achieve a grade A on your standards check. Best of all, they’re all FREE because I want to help.

Many driving instructors don’t want another instructor sitting in the back of their car watching and marking them on a lesson. With these videos you can train from the comfort of your own home and learn all the skills needed without ever actually having a real life training session.

These videos could help turn a failed standards check into a pass even if you have as little as a few days to practice in. Just by you watching them and applying the same techniques in your own lessons you will see huge improvements without having to attend any real life training sessions.

  • Over 42 hours of driving lesson videos showing me teaching every skill to a real learner at the standard required to pass a standards check. These videos include a motorway lesson.
  • Watch a 54 minute mock standards check test with a 48 minute debrief.
  • A 3 hour 15 minute guide to ADI1 – the examiners official standards check marking guide
  • Paul’s standard’s check diary. 1 hour and 54 minutes of video spread over 25 episodes. Follow me through my own standards check – what an adventure it turned out to be!

Visit my standards check videos to see all those and more.

Virtual standards check training

All you need to do is film yourself giving a one hour driving lesson, upload it and send me the link. While I watch your lesson I’ll be making notes and marking you on the SC1 sheet just an examiner would on a real standards check. I’ll then film a detailed video debrief which usually lasts 15-30 minutes and email you a link to it along with a copy of the standards check marking sheet.

You can upload it as a private video to YouTube or to any file sharing site. Any camera will do and you can use a phone because the video from them is so good nowadays.

It’s best to set it up so I can see the inside of the car with yourself and your pupil clearly in view as that’s more important than what’s happening outside the car.

This is great if you want my feedback on your training but just don’t have the time to arrange a real life training session.

Book your standards check training

If you like what you see in my videos and want to learn from one of the most expericned driving instructors in the UK then contact me now to book your standards check training.

Remember you can do virtual training instead just sending me a video of you doing a lesson.That’s a great way of getting my help if you don’t live close or close don’t like someone else being in the car.