Standards check videos for ADI's and driving instructors.

Learn to drive without being taken for a ride

Standards check videos

Standards check videos

My standards check videos can help you to pass your standards check with ease.

The video boxes below have a menu button at the top left. Click it to choose the video you want, each box contains several videos. If you prefer you can watch my standards check videos on the 1stDrive YouTube channel. Just click on the playlists tab at the top of the screen to see my videos grouped into easy-to-find sections.



How to pass your standards check

In this epic 3 hour and 15 minute video we’ll take a look at the official DVSA issued examiners marking guide to the standards check – ADI1. This document contains vital information and many driving instructors don’t even know it exists! It tells you exactly what your examiner wants to see, how to plan your lesson and the skills you must demonstrate to pass.

Make yourself a drink, get comfy and sit back as you watch the longest video I have ever made. I split the video into 5 sections and if you stop watching at any time then your computer should remember where you got to and start the playback from 20 seconds before that point.



Paul’s standards check diary

This series of 23 videos lets you watch my journey from the day I first got my standards check letter to moments after taking it. You’ll see how I prepared my lesson, the things I learnt along the way and two disastrous events that hit just before my standards check!

There is around 1 hour and 54 minutes of video in this series. See what it’s like to experience the run up to a standards check and how to best prepare for yours.


Lucy’s lessons

This 42 hour series of videos shows me teaching a pupil to drive from start to finish with each lesson done at the standard required to pass a standards check. Whichever topic or skill you’re thinking of doing, just watch how I do it to give you ideas and see if what you’re planning on doing is correct. There’s even a motorway lesson including during which something very unusual happens with variable speed limits.

Each lesson is filmed with multiple camera angles focusing on the pedals, car interior and front/rear windscreens. You’ll be able to watch these videos as though you were teaching. Can you spot all the mistakes and teaching points? Can you spot things I didn’t?

You’ll see me using the latest teaching methods such as client based learning and coaching skills. Learn how an expert driver trainer uses techniques to not just teach a pupil but to develop their ability to gain independence for a lifetime of safe driving.

Whether you’re a learner driver looking for help leading up to your test or a driving instructor wanting to see the standard of teaching required to pass a standards check, this series has it all.

It’s like getting an entire course of driving lessons for the price of one lesson: without even having to leave your home!



Train with me

If you like what you see in my videos then you can contact me for standards check training and maybe even appear in your own video!

Standards check videos on my YouTube channel

Paul and his standards check clipboard




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