Testing times

I’ve just got back from a driving test with the pupil I’ve been filming all the driving lessons with. What was the result? Hold on, what is the pupils name even? You’ll have to watch my site and my YouTube channel to find out more.

After launching my new site and making these videos I’m now eagerly awaiting an email from my solicitor confirming the final details of my move. I’m currently buying my first home and am just waiting for the final bits of paperwork to go through. What a stressful time it is with fingers crossed that everything goes through and there are no last minute hiccups.

It’s been the craziest summer I can remember. House hunting, hours of filming, editing, building a new website. At least all the hard things are out of the way. Apart from one, and I’m not talking about the move…

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I'm Paul and I've been giving driving lessons in Birmingham for 20 years now. I've taught over 1,000 people to drive and thousands more through my YouTube videos. Learn more about me on my about page.
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