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I’m a hypnotist as well as a driving instructor.

I have been using hypnosis since the early 2000’s to help people learn to drive and overcome problems in ways that other instructors just can’t.

I now work with people around the world through Zoom, using hypnosis to help people make positive changes in their lives.

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My hypnosis secret revealed

I have a large following on my YouTube channel and throughout 2019 I teased them with hints and clues that something big was coming at Christmas.

The video below was released on December 20th 2019 and it shocked thousands of people when they found out that I was a hypnotist! Nobody saw it coming and the feedback I had from this video was phenomenal.

The video tells the story of a man named George who lives in a town called Devasia. He trains to become a knight, training longer and harder than anyone ever has before. As time passes he goes on to become the jousting champion and the best-known knight in the land.

One day, as he grows tired of success, he stumbles upon a path over the mountain which takes him to a strange land. Having been stuck in his own world of knights and fighting for so long, George finds it hard to believe there is any more to life than that.

George meets a strange old man who teaches him magic. Using his magic, George becomes even more talented as a knight and teaches the other new knights, eager to take his crown, a lesson to show he’s still the best.

What happens next? You’ll have to watch and see…

Change is possible

I hope this story helps you see that change is possible.

We all live trapped in our own little world thinking there’s no way out and that’s just how it is.

Nothing is further from the truth! We all have what it takes to change our lives and the answers are within all of us.

You are never stuck with any fear, phobia or way of life. If you want change then all you have to do is use a little magic.

See how I use hypnosis on driving lessons or watch more of my videos on my YouTube channel.