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The video zone was a paid members area of my site. The great news is that now all my videos are available for free on YouTube!

Click here to visit my YouTube channel and see the video mentioned below.


Lucy’s driving lesson videos

This 42 hour series of driving lesson videos shows me teaching a pupil to drive from start to finish. Each lesson is filmed with multiple camera angles focusing on the pedals, car interior and through the front and rear windscreens.

We cover all the main skills and topics including clutch control, multi-lane roundabouts and manoeuvres. There’s also a motorway lesson included to show how learning continues after passing the driving test.

You’ll see me using the latest teaching methods such as client based learning and coaching skills. Watch how an expert driver trainer uses techniques to not just teach a pupil but to develop their ability to gain independence for a lifetime of safe driving.

Whether you’re a learner driver looking for help leading up to your test or a driving instructor wanting to see the standard of teaching required to pass a standards check, this series of driving lesson videos has it all.

It’s like getting an entire course of driving lessons for the price of one lesson: without even having to leave your home!


Watch the trailer for Lucy’s lessons


Mock driving tests and test help


Watch five full length mock driving tests never seen before on my YouTube channel.

Two of the tests are from Shirley test centre with Abbie. Three of the tests are from Kings Heath test centre with Simon, Jane and Lucy (Lucy’s test is the same as seen in Lucy’s lessons). Filmed using only a front facing camera, they look and sound different to my other videos but are great to watch if you want to see what a driving test route involves.

There’s even a bonus 6th mock test video which shows what happens if you go for a test when you are not at the required standard. Learn what would happen in this situation on a real driving test and why you really don’t want it to happen to you.

In a separate video I look at the official top 10 reasons for failing the driving test and how to avoid them.


What to do at the scene of a car crash


I won’t just tell you what to do at the scene of a car crash; I’ll show you! Watch as I am involved in three separate non-fault car crashes: one minor, one average and one more serious. You’ll be right there in the car watching as the crash happens before you see myself and the other drivers talking at the side of the road. Some of them are pleasant but some aren’t.

You’ll see what to do and say as well as what NOT to do and say. Taking the wrong action at the scene of a car crash could mean you lose thousands of pounds. It can even leave you in trouble with police and result in you ending up in court. Listen as someone that crashed into me drops himself in it by admitting to breaking the law on camera!

Should you drive your car after the crash? Do you need to call the police? Have you got enough details to make a claim or are they going to drive off laughing at you knowing that you won’t get a penny? You’ll learn all this and more in these essential videos.

As well as driving lesson videos you'll learn what to do at the scene of a car crash


Dealing with road rage

Watch as I am attacked in my car on my way to a lesson during a road rage incident. You’ll see what happened and hear about the two hour police interview I went through. Find out what happened to the person that attacked me.

You won’t believe their ridiculous reason for doing it, the stupid things they say as they contradict their own arguments and the dumb mistakes they made which could have had severe consequences for their own safety.



How to drive on motorways


In the first video (48 minutes long) you can watch me driving one of the busiest and widest motorway routes in the UK. Learn how to join and exit the motorway, deal with breakdowns and how speed cameras operate. There’s much more including a short demonstration of how to use cruise control.

In the second video (16 minutes long) I’ll show you how to deal with heavy traffic. Learn about variable speed limits and when it’s legal to drive on the hard shoulder.

The two videos above are now available on YouTube. Click here to watch my motorway driving lesson videos.

The third video in this series is also included in Lucy’s lessons. It shows us doing a motorway driving lesson after she had passed her test.



Driving instructor videos


This area is mainly designed to help driving instructors but it’s all included in your membership. There is over 7 hours of video in this section with more being added as time goes by.

To see more trailers for these videos you can visit my standards check videos page.

  • Watch a mock standards checks with an instructor (54 minutes)
  • See a detailed debrief with an instructor after their mock standards check (48 minutes)
  • A detailed explanation of the official examiners marking guide to the standards check (over 3 hours long)
  • Learn what to teach on your standards check. The DVSA set clear guidelines for what you should be showing
  • Detailed analysis of each of the 3 key areas of the standards check: Lesson planning, risk management and teaching/learning strategies
  • Paul’s standards check video diary. 26 videos showing my journey through my own standards check
  • Client based learning. Learn what is it and how to demonstrate it on your standards check
  • Teaching techniques. Learn the secrets that separate the best from the rest
  • Standards check rapid reply email.





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