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Driving lessons in Birmingham

Weekly driving lessons in Birmingham


If you’re not in a rush to learn then weekly driving lessons will suit you perfectly.

The advantage of weekly lessons is that you get to learn over a longer period of time. You’ll encounter more types of different driving conditions such as different seasons, weather and night time driving.

Fewer schools offer weekly lessons now with the main emphasis being on passing as quickly as possible but they are still available at my school for those that want them.


How two hour lessons save you money

Your first lesson is usually one hour long but after that I only do two hour lessons. Many pupils think that instructors insist on two hour lessons so that we can make more money from you but it’s actually the exact opposite; taking two hour lessons saves you a lot of time and money. I’ve found from my 14+ years of experience that you can save hundreds of pounds just by doing two hours instead of one.

Imagine that it takes 20 minutes to drive somewhere to practise what you need to. On a one hour lesson that only leaves you 20 minutes to practice it and then 20 minutes driving back home.

On a two hour lesson you will have 20 minutes to drive there, 1 hour and 20 minutes practice and then 20 minutes driving home.

You can see that on a two hour lesson you only pay twice as much but you get four times as long practising because less time is spent driving to and from home.

I have found that pupils taking one hour lessons take around 50 hours of tuition over 12 months to be at test standard. Pupils taking two hour lessons usually need around 36 hours over just 5 months. That’s 14 hours extra you’d have to pay for if you took one hour lessons and it takes 7 months longer!


Intensive driving courses

If you’d prefer to takeĀ intensive driving lessons then just click on that text to read all about them.


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