Weekly driving school franchise in Birmingham and beyond

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Weekly driving school franchise


My weekly driving school franchise is for driving instructors that want to join me on a more long term basis. Once you’ve already joined my pay-per-pupil driving school franchise and things are going well then you may want to consider switching to a weekly fee which could save you money.

The weekly fee is £50. The other elements from my other scheme still apply with some bonus features

  • No intro offers that cost you dearly.
  • No contract. You can leave and come back at any time with no fees
  • There is no minimum term or tie-in period.
  • Switch back to my pay per pupil franchise at any time


Franchise free holiday weeks

You can choose 4 weeks in each year in which you won’t pay a franchise. Whether you want time off over Christmas, a summer holiday or just some time out during the year, rest at ease knowing that there is no franchise fee to pay.

The catch with this at some schools is that they won’t keep supplying you with pupils during your time off. That doesn’t happen here so you may well come back from a holiday to find a bunch of new pupils waiting for you.


Free standards check training

I am one of the UK’s best standards check trainers. Go and search online for anything to do with standards checks and you’ll see me everywhere.

I’ve trained hundreds, probably thousands, of instructors with my standards check videos and help guides.

When you join my weekly driving school franchise I will offer you a FREE 90 minute training session when your standards check is booked. These sessions are usually held in Birmingham but I can travel to you depending on where you are.

If you want more training then it’s all FREE if we film it for my YouTube channel.


Your own page on 1stDrive.com!

When you join my weekly driving school franchise you’ll  get your own page dedicated to yourself. You can post photos of yourself and videos of you teaching or introducing yourself to people. Your phone number and email address will be displayed for people to contact you directly.

My years of running a driving school have taught me that pupils are much more likely to book driving lessons with someone they can actually see. How many instructors hide behind a website? How many are brave enough to show themselves and what they can do?

That’s what makes the difference at 1stDrive.com. You don’t have to put videos up but I thoroughly recommend that you do.


Your own 1stDrive.com email account

You’ll be able to choose your own email address ending in @1stDrive.com.

1stDrive.com was (probably) the UK’s first ever 100% online driving school. I was taking all bookings online when most instructors weren’t even online. I started my website before YouTube and Google even existed. Even before many banks had internet banking.

You don’t HAVE to be online to work at 1stDrive.com but plese consider that 90% of pupils book lessons online these days. You don’t need a fast connection, even just a mobile phone will do to pick up emails.


You’ll be welcome back if you leave

When I left a national driving school they cut me off completely and and refused to even return my calls. They pretended to be pupils and left me bad reviews for my new business! What was it I’d done to upset them? I just wanted to leave and start up my own school.

If you decide to leave 1stDrive.com then there will be no hard feelings. You’ll be free to come back and can still use my pay-per-pupil scheme if you need a top up for your new business.

I won’t hold you back. I’m far more likely to help you grow your new business because I’m here for people more than profit.


1stDrive social events

Once 1stDrive.com starts growing I plan on holding fun get-together’s for us all. It might be as simple as a group of local 1stDrive instructors getting together for a chat or a drink.

I have some special ideas to make this really fun and bring everyone together.


Contact me to start

My driving school is based in Birmingham and I really want to find more instructors here to start with. I am looking at taking on instructors across the UK though so feel free to contact me wherever you are. To find out more you can fill in the form below and I’ll usually reply within 24 hours.

If the form isn’t showing then try refreshing the page or you can email me directly through [email protected].

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Weekly driving school franchise in Birmingham


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