what is undue hesitation in driving test

What is undue hesitation in the driving test?

Undue hesitation is something that thousands of learner drivers fail their driving test on each year. In fact, it’s one of the most common driving test mistakes.

What is undue hesitation in the driving test?

Undue hesitation is when you fail to make enough progress, especially at junctions, when you could safely do so.

In other words, you’re taking too long to take action and missing chances.

Isn’t it good to drive slowly though and show the examiner how careful a driver you are?

No! That’s the mistake many people make and it won’t work.

How do you avoid getting marked down or failed for driving with undue hesitation then?

How to avoid driving with undue hesitation

You should drive in a positive and confident way.

Your driving test examiner wants to see you taking any opportunity you can and making good progress. They will not be impressed with someone that sits at a junction for 3 minutes, blocking the road when you could have taken several chances.

What is undue hesitation in driving test

So I have to drive fast to avoid undue hesitation?

No. Avoiding hesitation isn’t about driving faster, it’s about not missing chances and being positive.

Imagine you’re coming up to a junction where the view is clear but you still slow down, stop, put the handbrake on and sit there for 10 seconds looking left and right.

If you can see that the junction is clear from way back then you shouldn’t stop so long as it’s safe to emerge.

Now imagine that you can’t see well on the approach to the junction, far more common when driving in cities like Birmingham.

You should take effective obsvervation (looking left and right) but drive onto the new road as soon as it is safe to do so.

Sitting dithering and missing multiple chances is not safe driving and can cause drivers behind you to get so mad that they get out and start shouting at you. I know because I’ve had that happen!

Isn’t this all down to opinion?

In some ways yes but the hesitation has to be excessive to count against you.

You won’t fail for being careful or taking your time, just don’t take so long that it annoys people.

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