What to do at the scene of an accident

What to do at the scene of an accident

What to do at the scene of an accident from an expert driving instructor.

For driving instructors it’s a matter of when, not if, you’ll be in a car crash. In the videos below I share my experience of three different car crashes and give you vital tips showing you how I handled each of them. You’ll also see videos talking through what you must do at the scene of a car crash to keep safe and save lives.

Many drivers will try and con you when they know the crash was their fault. In the videos below you can watch from inside my car as the crashes happen, hear me talking to the other drivers and see some of the scams and tricks they try and use. Some of the people we meet in these videos are nicer than others.

After watching my videos you can read a full guide from the AA detailing what to do at the scene of an accident.

I hope you’ll never need the information in these videos but just in case you do…

You can watch more videos on the 1stDrive YouTube channel.

There’s no such thing as an accident

Emergency services don’t use the term accident anymore.

What used to named an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) is now called an RTC (Road Traffic Collision).

There isn’t really such a thing as an accident because an “accident” is not due to luck but caused by someone doing something wrong.

There was a time when I was doing a driving lesson on a housing estate. We looked left and right several times at the junction and then crept out slowly and looked some more.

Just as we pulled out of the junction a car came around the bend. It was doing at least twice the speed limit with music blaring.

We stopped and avoided a crash but that crash would have been no accident. The other car was being driven way over the speed limit and their hearing was impaired by the music which was so loud it must have deafened the driver.

It’s crashes like that where people say they’ve had an accident but it was no accident.