Driving lessons during lockdown

When can I start driving lessons again?

When can I start driving lessons again? That’s a question that thousands of learner drivers and driving instructors are asking.

You can resume driving lessons from today, July 4th 2020. You should seriously consider whether doing so is safe because social distancing is not possible in a car.

Driving tests will resume from July 22nd 2020.

You can read the document about the resumption of driving lessons here https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKDVSA/bulletins/2928912

You can read about how the DVSA plan to resume driving tests here https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-lessons-theory-tests-and-driving-tests-to-restart-in-england

When can I start driving lessons again?

Lots of people are emailing me asking “When can I start driving lessons again?”

It’ll most likely be from September 2020 at the earliest.

The government has a 5 level plan for returning to normal. We’re currently on level 4 and moving towards level 3. Once we reach level 2 it will be safer to resume driving lessons.

We are exepcted to reach level 2 around July to August 2020. That’s if we all keep up our distancing and keep away from each other. The more people do now, the sooner we’re out of this.

If we were to go out doing driving lessons at the moment then the infection rate could rise again and we’d be back to square 1 looking at starting no lessons until 2021.

No instructor or school that cares about safety should currently be offering driving lessons because you cannot keep the minimum safe distance of 6 feet away from people in a car.

Why can’t I do driving lessons now?

Here’s something to consider.

Taxi drivers have been among the highest at risk and of all the people that have died from COVID-19, being a taxi driver was the 2nd most common job after being a security guard.

There are many reasons why this could be but one of the main is simply the fact that you are so close to others in a car. You can’t keep 2 metres away from each other while teaching and learning.

Some instructors may choose to continue offering driving lessons. I strongly advise against this and I have seen cases of police stopping people giving driving lessons.

You can see another parent stopped on a driving lesson by police here.

The latest news as of May 22nd 2020 is that driving lessons will resume at most some schools from July 2020.

Practical driving tests

For daily updates see my page When will driving tests centres open?

Latest news – April 30th 2020. Your driving test will be stopped if you get a serious fault or 16 drivers faults (minors) and you will be asked to drive back to the test centre. This is to limit the amount of time you spend in the car with the examiner due to social distancing.

Driving tests are being booked for 3 tiers of learners:

  • Key workers
  • Pupils that had a test booked before the lockdown began
  • Pupils that didn’t have a test booked before the lockdown began

If you are a key worker book your emergency practical driving test here.

If you are a key worker book your emergency theory test here.

Driving tests are now being booked for key workers from late July 2020.

If you already had a test booked then those are being rescheduled for August 2020 onward.

If you didn’t have a driving test booked then those will likely be booked for September 2020 onward.

Please understand that these times are subject to change depending on your location in the UK and how things progress with COVID-19.

It usually takes at least 5 months to learn to drive anyway, doing a 2 hour lesson each week, so if you’re just starting out then it’s still too early to even book a driving test.

Theory tests

Theory test centres have closed until May 30th 2020.

Seeing as theory test centres are rooms full of many people, they would be an ideal place for Coronavirus to spread.

See this page for more details on theory test cancellations.

Is my theory test certificate still valid?

Unfortunately not. If your theory test certificate expires then they legally can’t extend it.

This does seem odd given so many unprecedented events happening at the moment so this may change.

See my page on driving test cancellations for more details.

Help for driving instructors

I’ve written a whole page detailing how driving instructors can get financial help during the lockdown.

How I’m helping

I am doing my best to keep people entertained via my YouTube channel.

I am making more videos than usual at the moment with around 2 or 3 a week coming out to keep me and you entertained.

I’m also a hypnotherapist, or hypnotist, as well as a driving instructor and run a private hypnotherapy practice in Birmingham.

This virus presents a challenge for me because although I have 20 years experience as a driving instructor I have less than 1 year of experience as a therapist!

Hypnosis is not magic and it can’t cure disease but hypnosis and other techniques I have learnt can help people. It’s great for relaxation, stress and taking your mind off things.

An elderly survivor of Coronavirus swears by EFT (a technique I trained in). He said it helped him get over Coronavirus.

I know it looks crazy and I’m not into weird things that rely on unproven evidence but this worked for me. I’d had a pain in my knuckle for months and within 2 minutes of doing this it went! That was 9 months ago now and I’ve had no pain in my knuckle since.

Driving lessons after lockdown

1stDrive.com will continue.

1stDrive.com has survived floods, snowstorms, swine flu, bird flu, me being in road rage attacks, car crashes, having my car stolen and tons of other things.

Coronavirus will join the list of things that tried to stop me but failed.

This will end and things will go back to normal.

See the latest government advice here https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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