When I can't help

I like to help as many people as possible but sometimes my therapy isn’t suitable.

I am not medically qualified and you must not take anything on this site or in my videos as medical advice or a diagnosis.

Let’s look at why sometimes I’m not the best person to help you and how to find help. Use the links below to go to the relevant section.

Mental health issues

Epilepsy and Asthma

Drink and drug problems

Unhappy/abusive relationships

Mental health issues

If you have common problems like occasionally feeling depressed or general anxiety then I can still help you.

More serious mental health issues such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar are contraindications of hypnosis. That means using my methods could make those things worse.

If you have serious mental health issues you need to contact your doctor for advice.

Epilepsy and Asthma

You have to be careful using hypnosis if you have either of these. It’s even more important when doing therapy online because I won’t be there to help you.

For epilepsy, there is a chance you could experience a fit. You must check with a doctor first before contacting me. You can see the rules for driving with epilepsy in the UK here.

For Asthma, hypnosis can potentially bring on an attack. You must check with a doctor first and have someone present in a session who can help in an emergency.

Drink and drug problems

What I do won’t work if you have unresolved problems around drinking and drugs.

Hypnotherapy can help you stop drinking or taking drugs very quickly but you need to consider the medical and mental implications of such a sudden change.

Giving up drugs or alcohol too quickly can be dangerous and even fatal.

Even if your driving anxiety was fixed, it will likely come back as soon as you start using drink/drugs so that issue must be resolved first. You may find that fixing that problem also fixes your driving anxiety.

Current relationship issues

My therapy is unlikely to work if you are currently in an unhappy or abusive relationship.

If you’ve had a bad relationship that has ended, that is different and I can help.

This is because my work involves delving into your past to find something which is now coming out as driving anxiety.

A bad relationship happening right now is current, not in your past, so I can’t help. The stress from the relationship is most likely what your driving anxiety is and even if you fix your driving anxiety, it’ll likely just keep coming back due to the relationship issues.

But isn’t driving anxiety a current problem because it’s happening now?

No, because your driving anxiety is just triggering something thing from your past. Driving has nothing to do with it, that’s only what causes an old memory to replay and we can change that.

Someone abusing you now isn’t a trigger, it isn’t reminding you of something. It’s something that is happening right now in the present and we can’t change that with hypnotherapy.