When will driving lessons resume

When will driving lessons resume?

When will driving lessons resume?


I have just recieved official confirmation from the DVSA that driving lessons and driving tests can resume from July 4th 2020!

You can read the document for yourself here https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKDVSA/bulletins/2928912

You can read about how the DVSA plan to resume driving tests here https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-lessons-theory-tests-and-driving-tests-to-restart-in-england

When will driving lessons resume?

Let’s have a look at some factors effecting the conditions around driving lessons. There are several reasons for them not being done at the moment and see when they may improve.

Social distancing

Social distancing is like the duck-faced pout selfie: whether you like it or not it’s here to stay.

This of course makes driving lessons impossible because you just can’t keep 2 metres away from someone in a car when you’re teaching them.

The concerning news is that the government is advising that social distancing measures may remain in place until a vaccine is found.

That won’t be until at least 2021 so there is a chance (although I think it’s unlikely) that no driving lessons will resume until 2021.

Lockdown means you can’t do driving lessons

Police are stopping people that are seen out doing driving lessons and issuing them with fines.

The only people allowed to be out doing driving lessons at the moment are key workers such as nurses and all those vital in the fight against Coronavirus.

Even then we’re having to get them to bring along ID to show to police in case we are pulled over on a driving lesson.

Read a story about police fining learner drivers.

Driving tests are only available for key workers

You can only book and take a driving test at the moment if you’re a key worker.

Read more about driving tests for key workers.

So what next?

Instructors are hoping that driving lessons will resume in June 2020.

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