Driving lesson showing an instructor and pupil

Why do driving instructors shout?

I’ve been a driving instructor for over 20 years and I’m also a professional hypnotherapist so there’s nobody better to explain exactly why it is that driving instructors shout at pupils.

I teach many pupils that have been shouted at by others and I understand what’s happening in their minds so let’s look at why this happens.

This video explains the main reasons

Why do driving instructors shout?

Driving instructors shout for several reasons so let’s look at each one.

They are angry at themselves

The main reason a driving instructor shouts is that they are angry at their own failings.

The vast majority of driving instructors want their pupils to do well and succeed. When the learner starts doing things wrong and making mistakes, it causes the instructor to get angry that they are not achieving what they should be and this then comes out in an angry outburst.

That’s why in a strange way, an instructor shouting is actually a good sign! Think about it – if they wanted you to fail or just didn’t care then why would they get angry?

You should be more worried if things are going wrong and your instructor is sitting back and saying nothing because that can mean they have either given up or just don’t care.

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They lack the skills needed to teach

Shouting can be a way of hiding a lack of skill.

What better way of hiding a lack of skill than shouting at someone from a position of authority and making it all out to be their fault instead of yours?

It’s just how they are (but it isn’t!)

Some people are loud, angry and shout a lot. I’m sure we’ve all met these hotheaded people on our journey through life!

The sad thing is that they don’t have to be that way but they often just don’t realise that. In the same way that driving anxiety has nothing to do with driving, and smoking has nothing to do with smoking, shouting has nothing to do with shouting.

Being an angry person that shouts at others is often a sign that something is wrong in your life. If you fix that other thing then you’ll feel differently and won’t feel the need to berate others.

This often applies to bullies who pick on others to make themselves feel better to hide a problem in their own life. Far from being afraid of a bully, you should really feel sorry for them and pity them because it’s a sign that they really need help.

A classic 80s song called Shout!

Now you know why driving instructors shout

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