Driving instructor grades

Driving instructor grades are given by the DVSA.

Every two to four years a driving instructor has to give a driving lesson with an examiner sitting in the back of the car. This is called a standards check.

The examiner grades the instructor either A, B or Fail with grade A being the best.

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Things to consider about grades

Having a good grade is great but before choosing an instructor based purely on their grade, here are some things to consider:

  • The examiner that gives the instructor a grade has never been an instructor, has never taught anyone to drive and isn’t qualified to do so. It’s like walking into a kitchen and telling the head chef he’s rubbish when you can’t even cook an egg yourself
  • It is only a snapshot of how an instructor did on one given lesson on one given day, several months or years ago. Rather than choosing an instructor based on one lesson, you can watch me doing dozens of lessons and make up your mind.
  • I’ve trained hundreds of driving instructors, many of whom have gone on to get a grade A. Does that mean I have multiple grade A’s myself?
  • It’s only one person’s opinion. If you had three examiners watching you they’d all mark you differently and you could get two A’s and a B
  • There is tremendous pressure on an instructor on these tests. If we mess up we lose our job. Can you imagine what it would be like taking a driving test under those conditions? It’s nothing like a normal lesson!
  • I’ve never got the highest grade yet I’m still a great instructor.

Even more things to consider about driving instructor grades

I thought I’d give you a breather but here we go again…

  • You can only take them by invitation once every 2 to 4 years. You can’t ask for one to get a better grade.
  • There’s only a grade A and B. Is there much difference between the two? It’s like choosing between a 4-star hotel or a 5-star. I’d like to see it done from A to F to show a wider range of abilities.
  • It depends a lot on your pupil. Taking a naturally good pupil makes it easier than taking a challenging pupil. Some great instructors failed their tests purely because their pupils did something that couldn’t be predicted. Many instructors that got a grade A just took a good pupil and rehearsed the whole lesson with them.