Driving test anxiety

I can help you get rid of driving test anxiety and pass your driving test.

Have you ever turned up for a driving test and felt your legs start shaking? Does the thought of taking your driving test fill you with dread?

This page will explain why and if you want more help then contact me here.

I have another page with more information on driving test hypnotherapy too.

How to get rid of driving test anxiety

Driving test anxiety is easy to get rid of it when you understand where it comes from.

You just need to know a bit of simple psychology to start making changes in your life. I’ll explain it in simple terms and there’s a video below which explains it too.

Your brain is made up of two halves – the intelligent half and the emotional half. Whenever there is a conflict between these two halves, the emotional side wins. Watch the video below for an example of this.

Why test nerves can be so annoying

Think about your driving test fear – does it really make any sense? Why can you normally drive perfectly fine but feel anxious when you have a driving test?

The reason is that your emotional side is taking over because your subconscious mind is imagining all sorts of bad things are going to happen when you drive.

The video below gives you a free and easy way to see how your subconscious mind can be stopping you from passing your driving test – and how to tell it to stop doing that!

Free driving test hypnosis

The video below is a free driving test hypnosis session and can get rid of your driving test nerves in as little as half an hour.

If you find this video useful then please give it a like and share it with other people that will benefit from it. If it doesn’t work for you then you can always contact me below for more help.

Is this a replacement for driving lessons?

No. You still need to learn to drive properly and demonstrate that on the day of your test. This system is not a replacement for driving lessons, nor does it guarantee that you’ll pass.

This system is for people that have had lessons and can drive well but just can’t get through the test because of nerves, anxiety or some other mind-related reason.

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If you want to get rid of your driving test anxiety and pass your driving test then contact me now.

If you want to find out more see my other page on driving test hypnotherapy.