Driving test anxiety

I can help you get rid of driving test anxiety and pass your driving test.

Have you ever turned up for a driving test and felt your legs start shaking? Does the thought of taking your driving test fill you with dread? This page will explain why and how to fix it.

You can often overcome this problem using my free hypnosis videos and online 1-2-1 therapy is not usually required but we can do it if needed.

Is it normal to have driving test anxiety?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not normal to get driving test nerves.

Sure, everyone gets a little bit anxious on the day of their test and most people feel some kind of excitement but it is not normal to get so anxious about it that your legs shake uncontrollably.

Don’t worry – you’re not stuck like this and you can fix it!

Let me explain why you have this problem and then we’ll look at how to get rid of it.

Why you have driving test nerves

Think about the feeling that you get when you take your driving test.

Do you have sweaty palms? Stomach pain? Shaking legs? Nausea?

The reason you have those feelings is that at one point in your life they served a purpose. It could be that you were bitten by a dog one day or had a bad experience such as a car crash.

Your mind has attached the feeling from that earlier event to driving tests to stop you from passing, or even taking it.

Why would it do that? It’s because something has happened that makes your mind fear driving. That can be one of many things such as:

  • Fear of change
  • The thought that you’ll get hurt by driving
  • Being able to drive will mean you can leave home

Once your mind decides these things are bad for you it comes up with a way of protecting you. Your mind only ever does what it thinks is best but it gets it wrong sometimes.

Imagine yourself sitting in a driving test waiting room with your legs shaking and hands sweating. Your mind will be thinking “I’m doing a great job, they’re never going to pass and they’ll be safe!”

This is of course the opposite of what you want but all of this happens subconsciously. No matter how much you tell yourself that you want to pass, your subconscious mind will not listen and thinks it’s serving a great purpose.

How to get rid of driving test anxiety

The best way to get rid of driving test anxiety is to work with an expert like myself that understands the mind.

We’ll be able to guide you back to the time you first had that feeling and detach it from driving tests.It sounds too good to be true but it’s not; you really can go for a driving test and feel just like everyone else, or even better!

There are other ways of doing it and everybody is unique which is why YouTube hypnosis videos are very unlikely to work.

All of this can be done online in as little as one hour. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what kind of test you’re taking, it all works in the same way.

The really great thing that people don’t realise is that fixing this problem won’t just get rid of your driving test anxiety but it can help other areas of your life too.

This is because the problem you’ve attached to driving tests will also attach to other things. You’ve maybe had a fear of tests at school, problems speaking in public or even going on dates.

Problems never exist in isolation so once you fix one you’ll fix others. The fun comes from finding out what those other things are by doing them and seeing how you feel!

Free driving test hypnosis

The video below is a free driving test hypnosis session and can get rid of your driving test nerves in as little as half an hour.

Please release that this is NOTHING like a session with me would be. This is a very old-fashioned and basic form of hypnosis and there is no music or soft-talking like this in a session.

Is this a replacement for driving lessons?


You still need to learn to drive properly and demonstrate that on the day of your test. This system is not a replacement for driving lessons, nor does it guarantee that you’ll pass.

This system is for people that have had lessons and can drive well but just can’t get through the test because of nerves, anxiety or some other reason.

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