Ordit is the Offical Register of Driving Instructor Trainers. It’s a voluntary register that means that you have had a senior examiner sit in the back of your car and watch you training someone to be a driving instructor.

Pass the strict exam and are put on the register to show that you’ve met minimum quality standards.

It sounds great doesn’t it? There’s one huge problem though…

The problem with ORDIT

Some of the largest members of it are also the ones that have the most complaints about their training. If you haven’t already done so then read my page on training school scams and bear in mind that many schools operating those scams are on ORDIT.

Search online for all the other complaints about large companies and guess what? Yes, they’re mainly on the register. It’s become little more than a register of people who have passed an exam. It doesn’t mean anything else.

Unfortunately, many cowboys are now on ORDIT.

Cowboys see it as a shield. Whenever anyone asks them if they are genuine and any good they just say “Hey, we’re on ORDIT!”.

I had training from a very well known and highly respected ADI trainer. He’s not on ORDIT.

Some, in fact most, ADI trainers out there don’t bother with any course and simply have a go at ADI training because they don’t have much work coming in. They see joining ORDIT as a licence to print money but it means nothing.

Overall it’s a good idea and it can be useful when choosing a trainer but don’t put too much into it.

As with anything in life such as finding a plumber or buying a car – do your research and make your own mind up.

Don’t just rely on what a register says.

You can read more about ORDIT on the DVSA website.