Standards check help

Standards check help

Standards check help is available on this page for if your standards check is soon but you’ve only just found my site and videos.

Here are my best tips and videos to get you up to speed quickly and help you pass your standards check.

1) Watch this video

This is the best standards check video available anywhere, proven by the fact that so many instructors have passed after watching it. This video is standards check gold dust and can hugely increase your chances of passing.

If you have no time to do any training or anything else, make sure you watch this video.

2) Watch some mock standards checks

These videos show you exactly what standards checks are like and what to expect.

3) Read my help pages

Look in the menu above in the Instructors > Standards check section you’ll see several pages about risk management, lesson planning and more. Each page contains videos about those topics

4) Watch my ADI1 guide

This is a long video at over 3 hours in length. It goes over the examiners marking guide and shows you what examiners SHOULD do when marking you. Be warned that some don’t and go against everything it says but most do follow it.

5) Contact me for standards check help

I always keep an emergency standards check bag ready. You might even see it on the back seat at the start of my mock standards check.

The bag contains my marking sheets, cameras for if you want to film and everything I need to grab it and go do an emergency standards check session.

I always check my emails every few hours (except on a Sunday) so you’ll never have to wait long for a reply. On several occasions, I have met an instructor within 24 hours of them contacting me, done one training session and they’ve gone on to pass their standards check days later.

You can read more about standards checks on the DVSA site.

Be sure to check out my pages on how to pass your standards check and all the other pages on standards checks which you’ll find in the menu under Instructors > Standards check.