The car used for driving lessons with -

Learn to drive without being taken for a ride

The car used for driving lessons with

2016 Ford Fiesta Titanium X 1.5 TDCI (manual)


My car has many gadgets but many of them are turned off for driving lessons and tests. I believe that pupils should learn to drive properly instead of relying on fancy gizmos which you may not have in your own after you pass.

What’s the most important feature of any driving school car? The person teaching you. Always choose a good teacher and not just a good car.


The gadgets


Pay attention 007…


Push button start with keyless entry – This car has no key. To open the doors you just push a button on the door handle. Once you’re inside you just hold down the clutch and press a button to start the engine. No it’s not possible for just anyone to walk up and press the buttons, It only works if you have a sensor in your pocket sending out the correct code.

4K Ultra HD CCTV – There are multiple cameras in my car for our protection. You can see them in action by clicking here to learn more about my cars CCTV system.

Full leather interior – Cloth wears out, leather wears in. You’ll always be comfy with full leather seats that hug you throughout the lesson as well as a leather covered steering wheel, handbrake and gearstick.

Heated seats – Just push a button and you’ll be toasty in no time when it’s cold outside.

Sat nav – You now follow a sat nav on most driving tests (1 in 5 tests won’t and you’ll follow road signs instead). My car has the same sat nav as the examiners use so you can get used to what it will be like to use it on the day of your driving test. I also have a built-in Sony sat-nav and another Google sat-nav if you want to see what different types of sat nav are like.

Rear parking camera – When you select reverse gear a screen inside the car shows you the view from a camera in the rear bumper. It projects an image of where your car will go as you turn the steering wheel to help avoid hitting anything. A beeping will sound as you get closer to objects to warn when you’re too close.

Showing the display of a 2017 Ford Fiesta Titanium X reversing camera


Tuned up engine – My car has around 20 horsepower more than the standard Fiesta engine of lower models. This helps to give you a smoother ride.

Emergency assist – Should you have a crash which is bad enough to deploy the airbags then the car can automatically call for an ambulance. It can give them a distress message, your location and activate the hands-free speaker so you can speak to the operator yourself if possible. Every second counts after an accident and this could save your life.

Cruise control – The car can hold the same speed automatically without you pressing the accelerator. You can also accelerate and slow down using finger controls on the steering wheel to stop your feet getting tired. This is great for long journeys and you can use it on your driving test.

Traction control – This helps to prevent wheel spin by cutting the power to the wheels if you apply too much acceleration. This makes for safer getaways when pulling onto busy roundabouts or junctions. The car can launch forward much faster than usual and the amount of extra grip (traction) you have is incredible. Instead of your wheels just spinning this could help you get out of the way. It works brilliantly on ice and in rain.

Voice control – Talk to the car and it’ll talk back to you. This can be used to read out texts, make calls and lots of other things.

Automatic lights, wipers and mirror dimming – The car senses rain and darkness and operates  the lights and wipers for you. The rear view mirror will automatically dim if there are bright lights behind you and then lightens again when you select reverse.

Hill assist – This can hold the brakes on for a while after you let go of the brake pedal giving you more time to set your feet. This is turned off for lessons and tests because you should be able to do this yourself. You can see my video here which explains why it can be bad to use this on driving lessons.

Climate control – The heater is automatic and can keep the same temperature inside the car by operating the heater/air con as it needs to. Now you can keep your hands on the wheel.

Quickclear heated front windscreen – The front windscreen is heated as well as the rear one.

Power fold mirrors – The mirrors fold in when you open and lock the car. You can also fold them in with the push of a button, handy for squeezing through tight gaps

Blacked out windows – The rear windows are blacked out for privacy.

Puddle lights – Lights under the mirrors show up any puddles by the side of the car when you open the door so you don’t step in them.

Deflation detection – The car warns you if you are losing air from a tyre. Punctures are not always obvious and can cause accidents if you just keep driving without noticing them.

Sony DAB 8 speaker stereo – For me to use between lessons.

Paul – I’ll be there to guide you through your lessons, just like i have with over 500 other pupils. You can learn more about me here



You can find out more about the Ford Fiesta at (opens in new tab)



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