This video goes through all of the questions and answers


The examiner will ask you 2 questions relating to vehicle safety. The “tell me” question is done at the start of your test before you start driving. The “show me” question is done while you are driving.

If you get either or both questions wrong you usually just get 1 minor fault but it is possible to fail the test on this section if you lose control of the car while operating the controls.

Many cars now have a diagnostic system which shows you some problems with the vehicle on the dashboard. You are not allowed to just say that the car would just tell you of any problems because the system may be faulty and your vehicle may not have it.


The questions

Click the red link below to read the offical questions and answers. As shown in the video above, you don’t have to give these answers word for word as they’re written.

Read the show me/tell me questions and answers used from 4th December 2017



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