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Standards check tips

Standards check tips

Here are my standards check tips so you can become a better instructor and pass your test. Watch the video below to see my number one standards check tip that over 90% of driving instructors get wrong.

You can see many more by watching my standards check videos designed for driving instructors wanting to improve their skills.

  • Client centred learning is essential. You must base the lesson around the pupils needs and not just teach any old topic because it’s what you like best.
  • Risk management is a major part of the test. If you put yourself or anyone else in danger you will fail immediately.
  • Choose your pupil carefully. It’s true that it’s your performance that matters and not the pupils but why make it harder by taking a difficult pupil?



Improve your chances of passing the standards check

You should always Invest in training for a standards check. I hear so many instructors saying “Just do what you normally do!”. That’s great but what if what  you normally do is wrong? Even though I constantly keep up to date with the standards check and deal with it all the time I still take training for my own standards check.

If you don’t like the idea of real life training then you can always watch my standards check videos for free.

A good instructor never just practises to pass a standards check. Good instructors constantly work to improve the standard of their teaching and not just when a standards check comes around.

You may have heard the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. You can apply this principle to the standards check. By always assessing your own standards in an honest way and always trying to improve, the standards check will no longer be this horrible event that comes crashing into your life every few years.

Standards check tips - I make driving lesson videos so I can improve my own performance

One reason I make my videos is so I can look back and see how I can improve my teaching


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