ADI part 2. Advanced driving test for potential driving instructors.

Learn to drive without being taken for a ride

ADI part two

ADI part 2


Test cost – £111

Official DVSA pass rate – 50%


ADI part two is the exam that most people dread the most because it’s time to retake your driving test! This is not just a normal test though, this is an advanced one and a very high level of skill is expected. You’ll have to drive using a safe, methodical system that allows you to make progress whenever possible. You must not display any signs on your vehicle to show that you’re on a test.

The topics you’ll cover include:

  • Town and rural roads
  • Motorway driving and dual carriageways
  • Parallel parking and bay parking
  • Reversing around a left and right corner
  • A turn in the road (3 point turn)
  • Emergency stop
  • 5 questions about car maintenance


How hard is it?


ADI part 2 is not an easy test. It’s one the main reasons for many fail to become a driving instructor.

When teaching learners you are very often going to be put in difficult situations where the control of the vehicle has been lost or other drivers are aggressively trying to overtake you. Only by being a master driver will you be able to handle these situations and remember that you’ll be doing all this from the passenger seat.

You only have 3 attempts at part 2. If you fail 3 times then you have to wait for 2 years from the date you passed part 1 before you can start again from part 1.

Good quality tuition from an experienced advanced driver is essential if you want to have any chance of passing. You’ll need to have a

You can find out more by watching the video below.



How most people fail


One of the most common mistakes made on any advanced driving test is not making enough progress. If a learner was to pull in the left hand lane of a roundabout to go ahead when the middle lane was empty then it wouldn’t be a problem. If you did that on a part two then you would fail for not making sufficient progress.

It’s very hard to get the balance right between judging when to overtake and make progress and when doing do would to be driving aggressively.

Another common reason for failure is because of incorrect signals. If you indicate to pull up and move off but nobody is around to see the signal then what is the point of signalling? Do this on an L test and it wouldn’t matter. It would rarely be marked and probably not even mentioned but on a part two it would be reason enough to fail.


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